Friday, November 11, 2011


I would like to welcome you all to our new website!!!!  


Pinocchio's Books & Toys has been in business since 1977 - well before the internet, online shopping and blogging!!!! 

 In many cases our business began before many of you were born.  For 32 years we have been providing the children of Morgantown with the quality toys and books.  We now wish to spread this service to a wider audience. 

 While we hope that our Morgantown customers will still shop in person, we feel that is website will help you see the vast variety of items that we have in the store and other items that will be available online only (such as some of our larger items) . 

 We also hope that our customers who can not travel to our store can shop online!!!!!!  I hope to make this experience as easy as possible.  New products will be added daily!!!!!

Since this website is so new, there will be many changes over the next few weeks.  I  welcome all your suggestions!

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